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How do you want to make a difference in the world?

This is a time when knowing how you are a difference maker has never been more important.


We live in a unique moment in time when the world can change with one idea. Big change always starts small.  It begins with one person - one idea - and spreads from one person to another.  Significant change is simple in concept and far-reaching in impact: one person makes a difference to another person, who in turn is inspired to make a difference to someone else in their own unique way, and the idea spreads, and change happens. Person by person. Idea by idea.


Change can be many things: transforming the way another person views their own value, shifting how people understand a word, or a concept around a word, helping someone improve their health and well-being, teaching someone how to cope in the face of adversity, bringing a new concept of public service to public office, creating a new solution to an age-old problem, or refining a solution that needs reimagining. 


But for change to happen, you first need to know how you are uniquely equipped to make that difference and have a straightforward plan for moving forward. This is what The Relevant You specializes in and is energized by: helping others discover their capacity for creating change by being certain of their calling and gifting for making a difference.


There are six distinct phases in The Relevant You proprietary system of equipping difference makers.  The system is designed to teach you how to establish your reputation as a difference maker and create the momentum needed to have maximum impact - whether it is one-to-one or one-to-many.  Each phase builds on the one previous, using discovery, strategy, and application at every stage so you are well prepared for success.


The 5IVE Questions of Perception™

In this phase, you will be led through a series of questions to discover the unique vocabulary that best gives structure to the work you do. This is the foundational element to building your reputation, and it is here you will learn how to apply the insights gained from The 5ive Questions of Perception to create a value statement that clearly summarizes your guiding principles. 


Reputation Platform

Phase Two coaches you on how organize and build your “reputation platform”—the beliefs and driving forces that fuel your actions—and provides guidance on how to consistently tell an authentically captivating story about what you stand for, how you make a difference and why what you offer is needed now. 


Control The Conversation

Phase Three teaches The Relevant You proprietary method for consistently delivering your reputation story for greatest impact to create genuine connections, whether the audience is one-to-one, one-to-few or one-to-many. 


Strategy Map

Phase Four outlines how to analyze the existing conversations happening in the market you want to build your reputation in, and frames the strategies for navigating the three distinct phases of reputation credibility: awareness, recognition, and authority.



Phase Five is all about impact: tactics for clearly understanding how your reputation is being understood and accepted.  Here you’ll master the principles of how to measure the impact your current reputation platform has made on those people you want to reach, and learn how to adjust your strategies without losing your focus. 


Thought Leadership

Phase Six focuses on expansion—amplifying your platform to establish yourself as a thought leader on topics that are most meaningful to the people you care about and supportive of your convictions. 

Tracy Benelli is an expert reputation strategist and coach, and she mentored me to deliver a relevant and powerful story about my vision for the City of Reno durning my successful mayoral campaign.Using Tracy's strategies and techniques, I was able to consistently express my point of view and clearly get across to constituents the positive impact my platform would have on them and on the future of the city. I still consider Tracy to be one of my mentors and value her insights into how to build and nurture a genuine and influential reputation as a difference maker. I am proud to give her my recommendation.

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The Relevant You - Reputation Strategy System™

Whether you seek to initiate a movement or spark individual moments, the bottom line for success is this: knowing how to clearly articulate why what you have (your idea) is needed now (which is relevancy), and how what you have (your idea) makes a difference (which is reputation).


Whether the idea is a service, a product, or an experience, knowing how you will make a difference is the first thing people want to know about you. To answer this question, you first need to know with certainty for yourself what it is you want to be known for and how you want to make a difference. The Relevant You guides you step-by-step in making that discovery and answering that question.


The time has come for you to step into your calling, use your gifting, and make a difference.  The Relevant You will guide you in discovering your unique life pursuit, teach you how to give voice to it, and give you the easy to master techniques, strategies, and steps necessary for success. 


The Relevant You - Reputation Strategy System™ currently offers private coaching for individuals or groups, and focuses on a step by step approach for learning the principles, techniques, and strategies necessary for establishing relevancy and nurturing your reputation, in order to change minds, change behaviors, and change the world.  


Cohort classes are being developed.  If you are interested in participating in a cohort, please send us your email, and we'll notify you when the cohort group is ready to go.

Yes - please alert me when a cohort is available!

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